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A Quick Guide to Ace of Hearts Gifting Tools 

When it comes to navigating the world of international gift-giving, Ace of Hearts gifting tools can certainly lead the way! In our increasingly interconnected world, the joy of sending and receiving gifts knows no borders. To make this experience simple and delightful for our valued customers, we offer a suite of powerful gifting tools, all conveniently available on our website.

Whether you’re a seasoned gift giver or new to the realm of international gift-giving, our goal is to empower you with the tools you need to make every gift an unforgettable one. Read below as we unravel the secrets to seamless, global gift-giving with Ace of Hearts gifting tools. 

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Personal Gift Wizard 

The myriad of choices, individual preferences, and the desire to make a meaningful impression can make gift-giving seem like a daunting task. And, this is exactly what our Personal Gift Wizard is here for! It takes the guesswork out of gift-giving by leveraging advanced algorithms to understand your recipient’s interests, personality, and the occasion at hand. It transforms the often overwhelming process into a seamless, enjoyable experience. By simply inputting a few key details, it generates tailored gift recommendations that align with your gifting needs! 

How To Use This Ace of Hearts Gifting Tool: 

Simply fill out the personal gift wizard form with details like:

  • Delivery location
  • Your budget
  • Occasion 
  • Your recipient’s age 
  • How many recipients you wish to send a gift to

Click “Get your gift options” and discover a wide variety of gift hampers to choose from! 

What to Give Tool 

Our “What to Give” tool is quite similar to our Personal Gift Wizard. However, instead of filling out a form, you simply select the prompts we have already provided. If you’re in a rush to find gift options, or just not in the mood to fill out a form, this Ace of Hearts gifting tool is a great alternative! 


You’re running short on time, but you’ve just found the perfect gift on the Ace of Hearts website. Instead of fretting about it arriving late, you can simply activate the GiftyLink feature! This ingenious tool lets you instantly send a personalized message to the recipient, letting them know that a special gift is en route. This Ace of Hearts gifting tool is truly a game-changer for anyone who’s ever found themselves in a last-minute gifting dilemma! It ensures that your recipient not only receives a beautiful gift but also experiences the joy of anticipation and thoughtfulness. 

How To Use This Ace of Hearts Gifting Tool: 

Sending a GiftyLink is easy! Once you click on your selected gift, the option to send a GiftyLink is right next to the image. Once you click on the link, it’ll lead you to a form where you simply enter: 

  • The date you wish to send your GiftyLink
  • Your recipient’s name and email address 
  • Who the gift is from 
  • And your personalized message 

It’s that simple! But if you need more information, please watch our simple video guide below: 

Gift Certificate

When uncertain about your recipient’s taste, gift certificates come to the rescue! They are a fail-safe option, eliminating the guesswork from any gifting equation. Plus, their ease of use is unparalleled. With Ace of Hearts, you simply purchase it through our website, and the digital gift voucher can be effortlessly redeemed at your recipient’s convenience. 

The best part is that our gift certificate system works for any kind of budget. For example; if you purchase a gift certificate valued at $150, you only pay $120. You ultimately save on gifts the more you give! And, you offer your recipient the best gift of all: the gift of choice. 

How To Use This Ace of Hearts Gifting Tool 

  • Simply visit our gift certificates page
  • Choose the value you wish to purchase 
  • Go to checkout and provide the necessary information (you only need your recipient’s email address to send them a gift certificate!) 
  • Once the ordering process is complete, your recipient will instantly receive their gift certificate! 

Build Your Own Basket 

When it comes to building custom gift hampers, you’re not just giving them a gift, you’re crafting a unique experience for your recipient. Whether they are a wine enthusiast, a gourmet food lover, or someone with unique interests, you can curate a hamper that speaks directly to their heart! Build Your Own Basket is by far one of our favorite gifting tools on our website. This feature allows our customers to tell stories, evoke memories, and showcase thoughtfulness through gifts. And, of course, it’s budget-friendly! 

How To Use This Ace of Hearts Tool 

We have multiple gift hamper options that you can customize to your liking. Once you select your customizable hamper, you’ll find an array of options to choose from. Choose white wine over red, salty over sweet, and even customize their gift packaging! 

If you need help building your gift, speak to one of our gift experts today by sending an email to [email protected]

Ace of Hearts Gifting Tools Make International Gift-Giving a Breeze!

Choosing Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets means choosing the simplest and most affordable option for sending gifts internationally! With the help of multiple easy-to-use gifting tools and our world-class customer service, we promise you a gifting experience like no other! Explore more of our gifting features by visiting our website today!

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