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Why Partner With an International Gifting Company: A Client Success Story 

When sending corporate gifts around the world, partnering with an international gifting company is the best choice for your business. From logistics and budget constraints to recipient preferences and cultural sensitivities—there are many challenges that may arise in the corporate gifting arena. But, when you have the expertise and dedication of a leading corporate gifting company, your business is bound to find success at the end of each gift-giving journey!  

This notion certainly rings true for one of our most valued clients, Lean Apps, a software company with whom we have worked with over the past year. We were fortunate enough to have interviewed their dedicated HR Process Specialist, Sujata, as she discussed their ongoing partnership with Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets. Read below to discover how we have helped this business send multiple corporate gifts across the globe.

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About Lean Apps

Sujata describes Lean Apps as “an internationally renowned player in enterprise software engineering with wide-ranging expertise in all the areas of software development.” She also mentions that Lean Apps prides itself on delivering high-quality digital products to its customers as well as being an innovation agency that continuously tests new business ideas! 

As with any successful company, we are certain that Lean Apps owes many of its achievements to the dedication of its team members, as well as to the loyalty of its customers. And, as a leading innovator in its industry, it comes as no surprise that this company invests in corporate gifting to build and maintain connections. 

Partnering With an International Gifting Company 

Since the beginning of our partnership in 2022, Ace of Hearts has assisted Lean Apps in sending gifts to both employees and customers across 13 countries! When we asked Sujata how our services compared to other gifting platforms, she said, “We have previously coordinated gift orders with alternative gifting platforms for similar cross-border initiatives. However, I must emphasize that your service has truly stood out in comparison, offering a level of excellence that sets you apart.” 

With years of international gifting under our belt, we know how complicated the process can become. But, fortunately, with age also comes experience. And, our experience has enabled us to create a streamlined process for sending gifts to over 200 countries! Allowing our customers to sit back, relax, and reap the benefits of efficiency, attention to detail, and the kind of global reach that not even the most popular shipping companies can offer.  

Sujata summarizes her experience perfectly:

“One of the standout features of your service was its global reach. Delivering gifts to 13 countries seamlessly demonstrated your extensive network and capabilities. Your platform’s accessibility, whether through easy ordering processes or responsive customer support, made the entire experience hassle-free.”

The Importance of Corporate Gifting: Employee Appreciation

As previously mentioned, Lean Apps is a highly successful business. And, acknowledging where success stems from is a vital part of both maintaining and broadening it. As a company that understands this, Lean Apps continues to invest in employee appreciation gifts and rewarding customer loyalty. 

One of their most recent gift orders was a flower gift for an employee who was soon to be married. When we asked Sujata about the recipient’s reaction she stated that, “The reaction and feedback we received from our employee was overwhelmingly positive. The flower gift not only made a significant impression on the recipient but also reinforced our company’s culture of caring and appreciation.” 

It delights us to see the impact that personalized gifts have on business relationships! And, that’s why we make it simple and budget-friendly for companies like Lean Apps (and of all sizes) to remain consistent with employee rewards and recognition.  

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Achieving Business Goals With Our International Gifting Company

With its increasing popularity, you’ve either reaped the benefits of corporate gifting, or you’ve heard about it. If it’s the latter, we’re here to tell you that the rumors are true! More and more businesses are fostering better connections by embracing the power of gifts. And, by partnering with our international gifting company, you further empower your business with gifting expertise and unmatched global accessibility! 

But, what are the real results/benefits of corporate gifting? We asked Sujata to share how Lean Apps measures the success of their gifting campaigns, to which she replied, “We engage in comparative analysis by contrasting periods with and without gift campaigns. This allows us to identify trends, changes in behavior, and potential improvements that can be attributed to the gift initiatives.” 

She concluded with, “While the direct relationship between gift-sending campaigns and retention metrics may not always be linear, we recognize their role in enhancing engagement, fostering loyalty, and contributing to the overall satisfaction of both our customers and employees.”

Sujata’s in-depth response suggests that through a combination of quantitative data, feedback, and qualitative insights, success within corporate gifting campaigns requires continuously refining your business’s approach to gift campaigns. This will ensure that they align with your business goals and help you create meaningful connections, as well as positive experiences!

Make Ace of Hearts Your International Gifting Company 

If your business is yet to experience the benefits of corporate gifting, we encourage you to step into the future of business connections today! We guarantee that it will be a game-changer in the way you do business. Lean Apps Software is one of our countless success stories, and as they continue to put their trust in Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets, we leave you with a few of Sujata’s kind words: 

“We extend our sincere gratitude to you for facilitating this heartwarming gesture. Your service played a pivotal role in making this occasion even more special, and we look forward to considering your offerings for future occasions as well.”

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