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Sending An International Gift Card As a Corporate Gift 

Are you considering sending an international gift card as a corporate gift? In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, gift-giving has evolved beyond traditional norms. As businesses expand their horizons, sending gifts has taken a more versatile and globally-minded turn! So, if the idea has crossed your mind, you’re certainly onto a game-changing gift campaign for your clients, employees, and business partners alike! 

in this article, we delve into the advantages of utilizing international gift cards as a thoughtful gesture in the corporate world. From embracing cultural diversity to ensuring timely deliveries across borders, Ace of Hearts is here to show you why opting for gift cards can be a strategic and considerate approach in corporate gifting.

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What is an International Gift Card? 

Think of international gift cards as a well-traveled colleague who effortlessly bridges cultures and languages. Seamlessly versatile, they empower your brand to express gratitude in any corner of the world, strengthening relationships and bridging distances. And, thanks to Ace of Hearts’ global reach, your message of appreciation knows no boundaries! 

We can help you send gift cards to your VIPs in over 200 countries. And, we offer a variety of high-quality gift options for them to choose from, no matter their region. All you have to do is set your budget and your gift card will reach them in minutes! But, we’ll discuss this in more detail in a second. 

Is An International Gift Card A Good Corporate Gift Idea?

While traditional corporate gifts certainly hold value, isn’t it about time you set your sights on a fresh and effective gift-giving strategy? International gift cards are gaining momentum as the perfect option for corporate gift campaigns, as studies show that they make up 37% of all corporate gifts! So, no, your VIPs won’t think you’re “lazy” or inconsiderate for sending them a gift card! In fact, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to choose a gift they’ll definitely like. For some more reassurance, here are a few ways gift cards add a personal touch, celebrate diversity, and offer unmatched convenience:

Global Accessibility 

An international gift card will not only provide your VIPs with the freedom to choose but will also give them access to many options across different countries and regions. This ensures that your gift is relevant and appealing to a diverse range of recipients, regardless of their geographical location! 


International gift cards offer flexibility in terms of how your recipients can use them. Your employees or clients can select items or experiences that resonate with their individual preferences. And, this ensures a personalized and meaningful gift that reflects your appreciation! 


Corporate environments often include a mix of cultures and backgrounds. Opting for an international gift card demonstrates thoughtfulness and inclusivity by acknowledging the global nature of your team or clients. It eliminates the need to worry about cultural preferences or restrictions that may apply to physical gifts.

Convenience and Choice

Unlike traditional corporate gifts, international gift cards remove the stress of selecting a specific item or worrying about sizing and shipping. Recipients can choose when and how to use the gift card! This means you provide them with a hassle-free experience and the opportunity to select what truly matters to them! 

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Why Should I Send An International Gift Card From Ace of Hearts?

In a world where reciprocity reigns supreme, customers seek brands that truly understand them. And, by offering complimentary gifts, your brand demonstrates a commitment to returning clients, promising leads, and potential business partners. At Ace of Hearts, we offer a simple and cost-effective process for enhancing your business relationships through e-Gift campaigns

And here’s where things get even sweeter; you don’t even need your recipient’s address to send your gift! Simply provide their email address or phone number, and their international gift card will arrive in minutes. 

We know, it sounds a little too good to be true. And, you may still have some questions like: 

  • Should everyone get the same gift? 
  • Will my international recipients get great gift options? 
  • How do I keep track of my corporate gift campaign? 

Never fear! Our gift experts are ready to guide you through the entire process. From selecting suitable e-Gifts to sending you post-campaign reports, our streamlined bulk order process does the trick.

You’ll also be happy to know that you will receive a $10 discount on every gift card you purchase! This means if you pay $60 USD each, they’ll receive a $70 USD e-Gift value, or if you pay $90 USD each, they’ll receive an e-Gift Certificate of $100 USD. You can even assign a different value to your e-Gifts within the same order to spoil your VIPs who deserve some extra appreciation. 

For a more in-depth look at how our e-Gift campaigns work, please visit this page.

What if I Only Need One International Gift Card?

If you only want to send one gift card, we’ve got you covered for that too! Our Ace of Hearts gift certificate is the perfect option for spoiling the business partner who really went the extra mile. Or, to show your appreciation to the employee who stood out amongst the rest! This international gift card option also helps you save on gifts the more you give! With our most popular gift card option of $150, but you only pay $120! 

Harness the Power of an International Gift Card

Harness the power of personal choice and global accessibility with gift cards for your upcoming corporate gift campaign! From showing appreciation to international partners to accommodating diverse preferences, gift cards ensure your gesture resonates while simplifying the gifting process.

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