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The Most Affordable Way to Send Gifts Abroad

We’ll cut to the chase; sending gifts abroad is not as difficult (or expensive) as you think! In fact, when you choose the right international gifting service, all that’s required from you is a little planning. 

With years of experience in international gift-giving, we know the process may seem a bit daunting to first-timers. We also frequently receive questions about shipping costs and other concerns when our customers want to send gifts abroad. But, you’ll be happy to know that with Ace of Hearts, the process is painless and budget-friendly! Whether you want to send a gift to a friend travelling abroad, or to a loved one studying overseas, we’re here to tell you why using an international gifting platform is the way to go. 

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Understanding the True Cost of Sending Gifts Abroad

We can’t pretend that gift-giving itself isn’t an expense. And, when we say “gift-giving,” we mean purchasing an item to offer to your recipient. So, when you’re thinking about sending gifts abroad, your brain may be doing all sorts of equations to stay within your budget! At least, that’s what is bound to happen when you’re only considering the traditional route for sending international gifts. 

We’ll use a traditional delivery service like FedEx as an example (and ask you to do just a little bit of maths!): 

If you calculate the cost of sending a 2-pound gift from the USA to a common overseas destination like Berlin, Germany using this FedEx calculator, you’ll find that even the slowest shipping option would cost over $100. And, after accounting for shopping, packaging, and navigating the nightmare that is shipping and customs – this option, unfortunately, won’t be doing any favors for your time or your budget. 

However, there’s no need to fret. There are ways to get your gifts abroad without spending a fortune on getting them there. Your answer is us! Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets.

3 Ways Ace of Hearts Helps You Send Gifts Abroad on a Budget

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the most affordable option for sending gifts abroad. Although we do this in many different ways, our top three methods are listed below: 

1. We Keep It “Local” When Sending Gifts Abroad 

We know how it sounds, but it’s not complicated at all—-we just happen to be everywhere! Our company comprises an exceptional team of skilled managers and gift connoisseurs, spread across nearly every corner of the globe. As soon as you place your gift order, we transmit your request to a regional manager in your destination country. This simply means that although you’ve placed an international order, your gift is being shipped locally! 

When you order with Ace of Hearts, your gift never has to cross borders. This cancels out the slow, and often expensive, process of customs clearance. In a nutshell, we offer the best international gift delivery with all the convenience and affordability of local delivery. 

Sound too good to be true? Compare our prices here

2. Our e-Gift Services Allow You to Send International Gift Cards!

Gift cards are all the rage right now. And, with the convenience and flexibility they bring to gift-giving, why wouldn’t they be? Sometimes the best gift is one your recipient can choose themselves! That’s why offer gift certificates that are not only budget-friendly, but help you save on gifts the more you give! 

Buying an Ace of Hearts gift card means saving $10 on the value of their gift! So, if you choose to purchase a $60 gift card, they’ll receive a $70 e-Gift value! Ultimately, your recipient will get more than what you paid for. The cherry on top? Gift delivery is absolutely FREE! And, can be sent to your recipient in seconds. 

3. We Love A Good Deal! 

We pride ourselves on providing affordable international gift options for our customers and offer daily deals and specials! If you also wish to receive exclusive special offers and discounts that your wallet will love, subscribe to our newsletter today! 

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How to Buy Gifts For People in Other Countries: 

Sending gifts abroad doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Whether you want to send gifts to Argentina, or gifts to Brazil, follow our gift-giving tips below to ace your choice of gift: 

Keep Cultural Sensitivity in Mind 

If you aren’t certain, researching the cultural norms and preferences of your recipient’s country is the best way to ensure that your gift is appropriate. Being mindful of customs, traditions, and any gift-giving etiquette in their culture will always help you better choose what aligns with their values. 

Choose a Gift With Universal Appeal 

Gifts with universal appeal are those that transcend cultural boundaries, likely to be appreciated by a vast majority of people. High-quality chocolates, scented candles, care packages, plants, and tea and coffee sets are all considered appealing gifts! 

Personalize Their Gift With A Global Twist 

Opt for gifts that have a personal touch but still incorporate a global element. Look for items that represent your own country or culture in a subtle way—this adds a unique and meaningful touch to their gift.

Use Our “What To Give” Tool 

If you don’t know where to begin, our “What To Give” tool provides a quick and easy solution to generating gift ideas for your international recipient!

Simply select: 

  • Your budget
  • The country you wish to send your gift to
  • Who your recipient is 
  • The occasion and other preferences

And, we’ll send you a wide range of gift options that suit your requirements! 

Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets is Your Affordable Solution For Sending Gifts Abroad!

Ace of Hearts prides itself on allowing customers to invest their hard-earned money in a truly memorable gift, not just getting it to its destination. By partnering with local gift experts in over 200 countries, we offer the most affordable solution for getting your gift around the corner, and around the world! Send your loved ones international gifts today! 

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Thank you for exploring the most affordable way to send gifts abroad! But, don’t go just yet: 

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