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Gift Ideas For Employees on a Budget

Gift-giving is an unusual task, in that it can be exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. When you’re sending gifts to your colleagues or your boss, the search for the perfect gift can have even the best of gift-givers scratching their heads. Add a budget limit to that equation and it may leave you feeling utterly defeated. But, this never has to be the case! You can make gift-giving in the workplace simple and stress-free. And, yes, even on a budget. 

There are many things to consider when giving a budget gift to your co-workers. But, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for something predictable. With some effort and smart shopping on your part, and corporate gifting expertise from Ace of Hearts, you’ll certainly impress them with an original and inexpensive gift. Read below as we share some great gift ideas for employees on a budget

Gift Ideas For Employees on a Budget: businessmen holding gifts

Why Should I Gift My Co-Workers: Benefits of Gift-Giving in the Workplace

The days of professional gift-giving being limited to ‘secret Santa’ is long behind us. Many companies are reaping the benefits of fostering an ethical and healthy gift-giving culture. Since we spend the majority of our time with our colleagues, it’s certainly beneficial to create and sustain good relationships with them. And, what better way to make a connection than with gifts? 

Gifts allow you to get closer to your team members as it breaks down rank barriers that often prevent organic cooperation in the workplace. When gift-giving becomes part of social workplace interaction, even boss-subordinate barriers have the potential to come down. Strengthening personal relationships at work can enhance trust and ultimately the nature in which colleagues collaborate and work together. That’s where our list of gift ideas for employees on a budget comes in very helpful!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Gift Giving

When done right, gift-giving can bring the whole office together. Concurrently, there are high stakes in missing the mark on your co-worker’s gift. On the negative side of the workplace gift-giving coin lies the potential to offend and even make those you work with uncomfortable. But, you can avoid that by being informed about professional gift-giving etiquette. Below are a few do’s and don’ts for gifting in the workplace: 

Do Stay Informed About Your Workplace Gift-Giving Policies

Before you go gift shopping, make sure you’re informed about your office’s gift-giving culture and the rules in place. Companies that embrace gift-giving often have policies set out by a manager to guide other employees on appropriate gift-giving practices specific to their work environment. 

Don’t Pick Favorites

You probably do have a team member whom you most enjoy working with, but it’s courteous not to show it. Especially when it comes to gift-giving. Make sure that everyone feels appreciated by presenting them with equal (not the same) gifts. Bonus: staying in the same price range for multiple gifts is good for your budget! 

Do Be Thoughtful (But Not Too Personal)

Striking a balance between a thoughtful yet professional gift can be a challenge. But, if you pay enough attention, most of your co-workers have probably told you about their likes or dislikes amidst conversation. Giving them something they’ll appreciate is often as simple as taking their hobbies and interests outside of work into consideration. 

Don’t Appear to be Bribing 

While you want your co-worker to appreciate the gift, you don’t want them to feel indebted to you. The best way to avoid this is by presenting them with smaller or modest gifts. 

Do Stay Within Your Budget 

Don’t let office competition hurt your pocket too much. Plus, giving extravagant gifts in the workplace can potentially make your recipient feel uncomfortable. So, ultimately, staying within a reasonable price range for gifts is better for both your co-worker and your wallet. 

Colleagues giving each other gifts

Budget Gift Ideas For Your Colleagues:

As mentioned before, a budget shouldn’t stop you from finding good quality gifts for your colleagues. The price or size of your gift rarely contributes as much as its meaning does to the gift-giving experience. Spoil your co-workers at any time of the year with our budget gift suggestions below: 

Snack Boxes

If your colleague enjoys bringing homemade snacks to the entire office, gifting them with a delicious snack box is a great way to show them your appreciation.

Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools are the perfect gift if you wish to give your co-worker something practical. If they’ve been talking about replacing an old pan, or a rusty egg spatula, make their day with a new utensil that they can use in their home kitchen.

Spa Kits

While sponsoring a day at a luxury spa may be out of your budget, you can give them the next best thing with a good quality spa gift hamper. Let them take the self-care day they’ve been craving by presenting them with this affordable gift. 

Wine Gifts

For your colleague who is a true connoisseur, their favorite bottle of red or white will certainly put a smile on their face. You can even pair your wine gift with a budget-friendly wine carrier to give it some extra flare. 

Tech Kits and Accessories

The ‘techie’ in your office will love an upgrade or a new item to add to his electronic essentials. Charging gear, USBs, headphones, or a travel-friendly laptop bag are great gifts if you want to impress the IT guy. 

Tips for Gifting Your Boss on a Budget

Some companies do not allow employees to offer gifts to their superiors. The act can often appear as the employee seeking favoritism. But, if you wish to give your manager or boss a gift, and if your workplace allows for it, there are tasteful ways you can show them some appreciation. So, in addition to our general gift ideas for employees on a budget, below are a few tips for gifting your boss on a budget: 

Tip 1: Avoid Personal Gifts

Giving personal gifts to your fellow coworkers is acceptable in some cases, but should be avoided when it comes to gifting your superior. Your gift choice will communicate your intentions in the workplace, as such, you want to communicate the right message. 

Tip 2: Opt to Gift as A Group 

Collaborating with your colleagues to give your boss a gift has many benefits. Firstly, it rules out the faux pas of giving your boss a gift on your own. And, secondly, it helps you save money. No matter what the group decides to get, the gift will make a personal impact on your boss without it being inappropriate. 

Tip 3: Don’t Give Gifts Near Performance Review Time 

Timing is everything, but in this case, it’s crucial. No matter how pure your intentions are, presenting your manager or boss with a gift before your annual review can be interpreted as a bribe. So, it’s best to avoid it all together.

Gift Ideas For Employees on a Budget: colleagues celebrating with gifts

Ace Affordable Gift-Giving in the Workplace

It’s important to remember that there is much to consider when it comes to gift-giving in the workplace. Before you start scrolling through catalogs, familiarize yourself with your company’s gift-giving policies. Once you’ve got that down, your professional gift-giving journey will be smooth sailing, even on a budget! 

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