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The ‘B’ Word: When Are Budget Gifts Appropriate?

We understand that when it comes to special occasions and major life events, there is a lot of pressure to give the ‘right’ gift. The same way a good gift has the ability to strengthen a relationship, an offensive one can unfortunately cause damage. And, we never want to partake in the latter. However, when it comes to celebrating our family and friends, we don’t always have the funds to send expensive gifts. Finding an affordable and valuable gift for the right occasion may require an extra dose of thoughtfulness and creativity, but trust us, it’s not impossible! So, are budget gifts appropriate?

Ace of Hearts is here to help. Before you start scrolling through gifting catalogs and jump into giving mode, we suggest creating a gift budget. Thoughtful gestures beat impractical and costly gifts every time. And, fortunately, we have loads of tips and tricks to help you decipher when is the best time to save and give gifts with a budget in mind. Read below to find out how you can send gifts even on a shoestring budget. 

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Gift-Giving on a Budget

Giving a gift to your loved one shouldn’t be complicated, but when you’re looking for valuable gifts on a budget, you may find yourself baffled. There are all sorts of gift-giving occasions throughout the year, but everyone is in a different place financially. Not all of us can afford to dole out large amounts of money for events like baby showers, graduations or weddings.

Whatever the occasion for giving a gift, a gift budget can help you keep costs low as well as focus on giving a gift that you know your recipient would like. Remember, it’s not about how much money you spend on the gift, but how much thought and care you put into it!  

So, When are Budget Gifts Appropriate?

It’s all good and well to shop for budget-friendly gifts, but, the question is, when is the appropriate occasion to give these kinds of gifts? Don’t worry, we’ve created a list of occasions and holidays that are best suited for budget gifts so you don’t run the risk of offending your recipient:  

Wedding Gifts

Gifts are a token of love and acknowledging the union of people you care about is a momentous event. Yet, at some point gifts can crossover from being courteous to burdensome. How much you choose to spend on a wedding gift is entirely up to you. However, if you’re on a tight budget, don’t feel bad about choosing the lower-priced items on the gift registry.

Choose a gift that is both thoughtful and affordable. If you know the couple loves to cook together, they may appreciate a high-quality kitchen tool. Consider something they may not have, such as a potato peeler, a fancy garlic press, or even a beautiful wine seal.

Baby Shower Gifts

So, you’ve been invited to a baby shower but you’re on a tight budget. Don’t let that stop you from celebrating the miracle of life! Baby showers are a joyful time that deserves to be honored.  There are a number of inexpensive baby shower gifts that are both practical and valuable. These gifts may not get the “oohs” and “ahhs” at the baby shower, but, they are gifts that new moms will surely be thankful for in the long term. 

Remember that babies grow quickly so there really is no use in spending an extravagant amount of money on something that won’t be useful in 2 or 3 months. Don’t be afraid to purchase affordable and practical items such as diapers and wipes. 

Christmas Gifts 

Every year, the holiday season rolls around and surprises us with just how expensive Christmas time can be. Not only do you have to buy presents for a number of people, but social gatherings and travel expenses can also add extra weight to our pockets. Affordable and thoughtful Christmas gifts can be hard to come by. But, we know that by thinking out of the box, you can create some fantastic budget gift ideas for the holidays! 

Anniversary Gifts 

Anniversaries are a special occasion. So, our advice is to put in as much effort as possible when selecting a budget-friendly anniversary gift. You may not be in the position to fork out an expensive gift but fortunately, there are other ways to make your beloved feel appreciated. One of our favorite romantic gift suggestions is scented candles, as they make great gifts for many reasons. If your loved one enjoys a particular scent, like cinnamon or vanilla, you can find a candle that suits their favorite aroma. 

Gifts for Teachers

Teachers guide and protect our little ones so you can never go wrong by choosing to celebrate all that they do! Whether it’s a teacher’s birthday present or an end-of-year gift, a gift card is a wonderful alternative. It’s common to give teachers mugs or candles, but why not give them the option to choose. Choose an appropriate amount to suit your budget and give a gift card to let them select their perfect present. At Ace of Hearts, we’ve got a variety of options to suit just about every teacher your child has! 

Are Budget Gifts Appropriate: piggy bank sitting on wooden table

What are the Best Low Budget Gifts?

Cookies and Baked Goods: Baked treats and cookies are a classic, especially during religious holidays or the Christmas season. Keep things simple and go with a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies or give out festive cookies for Christmas gifts. If you want to put in that extra effort, get creative and choose something from your own family recipe book. It’s hard to go wrong with a gift that is sweet and delicious and lucky for you, baked goods are suitable for almost any occasion! 

Bath and Body Products: Forget giving expensive fragrances and spa products this year. Choose from a selection of moisturizing hand creams and bath accessories that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Top Tip: When purchasing bath and body products on a budget, it’s best to gear towards high-quality cotton towels and body sponges rather than cheap skin products that might cause an allergic reaction. 

Linens and Household Towels: One of the simplest budget gifts are high-quality household items. Linens, towels, and household textiles are practical presents that will always be appreciated. Pick from a selection of beautifully colored tea towels or linens, and pair it with a tea and coffee hamper that can be used for a housewarming or birthday gift. 

Tips for Sending Gifts on a Budget

1. Establish a gift-giving budget:

Now before you start diving into gift-giving mode in search of the perfect present, make sure you have a budget in mind. When it comes to special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and graduations, having a thought-out budget will save you a few extra pennies. Based on your current financial situation, come up with a firm number for spending. Whether it’s $100 or $300, once you have a budget, you’ll have a better idea of which gifts are appropriate. 

2. It’s the thought that counts:

When picking out gifts on a low budget remember this; the best gifts are ones that are thoughtful and useful, not the ones that are expensive and impractical.

3. Consider the Recipient:

In other words, keep your recipient’s likes and interests in mind. Get something you know they would like, rather than what you think is appropriate for the occasion. Always remember that gift-giving etiquette is about being mindful of other people’s feelings, beliefs, and styles

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Normalizing the ‘B’ Word: You Can Find Good Gifts on a Budget!

If fact, at Ace of Hearts, ‘budget’ and ‘gifts’ go hand in hand. We’re your number one gifting platform for when you’re looking to impress, but also not prepared to spend a pretty penny. Shopping with us is all the proof you need that finding quality budget gifts is possible!

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