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Why Gifts Are Leading the Way in Virtual Event Trends 

As industries continue their efforts to adapt to a world after the global pandemic, more businesses are joining the era of remote and hybrid working models. And, while in-person networking is taking place more so than it was 3 years ago, there remains a growing demand for virtual events. That being said, keeping an eye on virtual event trends can allow for business opportunities you never knew existed! 

But, how do you fortify these opportunities? Or even reach your desired number of attendees? Our number one solution: gifts! Gift-giving is the universal way to spark a connection and leave a lasting impression – so why not use it to encourage more engagement with your brand? Read below as Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets discusses how gifts are changing virtual events for the better and how you can get on board.  

Virtual event trends: miniature webinar sign on laptop keyboard along with miniature desk and chair

Virtual Event Trends: How Gifts Pave The Way for Success

Virtual interactions may feel impersonal or fleeting because they lack the sensory experience that in-person gatherings provide. However, while human interaction is often considered the best way to make connections and grow relationships, virtual event trends are consistently on the rise. One trend we are certainly getting behind is corporate gifting for virtual events, and there are 3 reasons why: 

1. Gifts Can Humanize Your Virtual Event 

“Personalization” is the latest buzzword in both the corporate gifting and marketing world. So, when we consider where the future of experiential marketing is headed, offering personalized experiences is the smartest move for modern businesses. 

After in-person interactions (which, in today’s fast-paced economy, is not always possible), gift-giving reigns supreme as a universal act of kindness and connection. So much so that it can influence the way people feel and interact with your brand. For example, a study on personalized marketing strategies revealed that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with companies that offer personalized experiences. So, why not channel these odds into your next virtual event by sending a gift?

2. A Good Gift Shows That You Value Their Attendance (and Showcases The Value of Your Virtual Event)

You’re not budgeting for an event venue, equipment, not even snacks – so does this mean your virtual event is “cheap”? Definitely not. But, your potential attendees may see it differently. You know the value of what your brand offers, but they don’t – at least not yet. 

The beauty of sending a virtual event gift is that you can show them what you’re all about without ‘giving it all away’. Once their gift reaches them, you immediately say: “Here’s a free gift and I’m going to offer you even more.” without them having to click a single button or read a long introductory email. This shows you value their attendance and creates intrigue as to what they could further gain from joining your event. 

3. They’re Getting a Free Gift, and You’re Getting Brand Exposure 

It’s not too contentious to acknowledge that corporate gifting is the one act of kindness that pays off. After all, you want every investment that you make in your business to come full circle. Offering gifts for virtual events is a win-win for all parties involved. 

For example, if your recipient posts about your cool and trendy gift on social media, that can lead to more people learning about your virtual event, and, ultimately, your brand.

Our Top Gift Ideas For Different Virtual Events

Now that you know more about how gifts can elevate your virtual event, we’re sure you’re wondering when and which to send. Below are our gift ideas for different types of virtual events:

Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences offer a platform for both learning and networking. They are often large-scale events that consist of a ‘main stage’ with keynote speakers and a few panel discussions. The latest virtual event technology also allows hosts to immerse their audiences in 3D spaces similar to a physical event. Here are our gift ideas to make your virtual conference memorable: 

virtual event trends: noise-canceling black headphones with black background

Noise-Canceling Headphones

With keynote speakers and panel discussions being a central part of virtual conferences, high-quality, branded noise-canceling headphones can significantly enhance attendees’ listening experience. 

notebook on wooden desk with pencil virtual event trends

Branded Notebooks

A beautifully designed notebook, branded with your logo or event theme, offers attendees a memorable and practical gift for note-taking during sessions. 


As the most common format for virtual events, webinars usually take place within a smaller group setting. When the host presents via webcast, it allows the attendees to ask real-time questions – providing an interactive experience. This makes webinars a great addition to your event strategy because you are marketing your offerings to qualified leads whilst also increasing brand awareness. We recommend the following gift ideas to keep your brand at the forefront of their minds: 

branded coffee mug thrown in the air with coffee flying out.

Branded Coffee Mugs

A mug is a practical gift that attendees can use daily, serving as a constant reminder of your brand and the valuable information shared during the webinar.

Virtual event trends: snack box

Snack Gift Hampers

Whether online or in-person, snacks are essential for any kind of event. Thank them for giving you their time with a delicious snack box. 

Online Product Launches 

A virtual launch for your new product is a great opportunity to creatively introduce your latest offer to the market. For example, if your product contains a unique feature, highlight it across your social media platforms and event invites. Tease out details through daily posts to build anticipation and intrigue. Opting for this strategy ensures that the impression you make on your virtual attendees is long-lasting. And, impress them further with the following gifts: 

sustainable gift basket on an armchair

Sustainable Gifts

Show your attendees that your business actively participates in caring for the environment with stylish and sustainable gift hampers. 

fruit gift basket

Product-Themed Gift Hampers

Create hampers that reflect the theme or essence of your new product. For example, if you’re promoting a health gadget, include wellness products in your gift hamper! Customize your gift hampers with Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets here

gift card leaning against two gift backs

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are an ideal gift for your product launch attendees, offering them the flexibility to choose what they truly want. Plus, you can send it to them in seconds!

Virtual Onboarding and Training Sessions 

Most business owners agree that success greatly depends on the quality of new hires. Therefore, it is vital to establish a powerful onboarding program to effectively integrate new employees. Virtual onboarding offers an excellent opportunity for you to enhance productivity among your remote hires through the use of engaging, interactive tools like webinars and live chats.

mystery snack box

Mystery Boxes

A mystery snack box is a fantastic gift idea for potential product launch attendees, offering a blend of excitement and universal appeal. Its intrigue encourages engagement, while the variety caters to all tastes, providing a memorable unboxing experience. 

smart watch in white gift box


Electronic gifts are an exceptional choice for virtual onboarding attendees, particularly resonating with younger hires who are often more tech-savvy and digital-native.

colorful pencils on white table virtual event trends

Branded Stationery

High-quality stationery sets, including pens, notepads, and letter openers, branded with your logo. 

Thank you for exploring virtual event trends, but, don’t go just yet:

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