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6 Creative Corporate Event Ideas to Keep the Workplace Spark Alive

Are you looking for corporate event ideas? Well done! You’re halfway to being the best leader your team has ever had. Too many businesses and their employers still believe that a competitive salary combined with an end-of-year bonus is enough to keep their employees motivated, and even more presumptuous, loyal. But, as experts in employee rewards and recognition, as well as corporate gifting, we can attest that it takes a little more effort to retain a hard-working team. 

Company culture is not just a hot topic in today’s labor market but also an integral part of making employees feel valued. When the relationship between the company and its team members is in sync, every other part of the business follows suit! And, brainstorming corporate event ideas is a great start to building and maintaining that beautiful balance. Let our expertise below be your guide to healthy and long-lasting relationships with your most valued team members. 

Corporate event ideas: a group of colleagues having fun in the office.

Corporate Events Are Back In A Big Way: According to Statistics

With the resourcefulness of virtual tools, some may be of the opinion that corporate events are a little “dated”. However, we’re happy to inform you of some statistics that prove corporate events in the workplace are coming back in a big way! 

According to a survey conducted by TravelPerk in 2022

  • 88% of companies were planning in-person events for team-building for 2022 and onwards. 
  • 79% of employees were excited to meet their colleagues in real life and build meaningful relationships. 
  • 79% of companies allocated annual budgets towards corporate events. 

While online events are certainly here to stay, we can’t deny the existence of virtual fatigue. And, even with the worst of the pandemic behind us, humans are still seeking connections with other humans. But, whether your team works remotely, has designated office days, or works in the office full time, there are so many ways you can keep the workplace spark alive. 

Our Top 6 Corporate Event Ideas for 2023 

Picture this: a corporate event, where business suits are swapped for superhero capes, and water cooler chats turn into spontaneous dance-offs. Now that’s the kind of lively affair that can work wonders for company culture and employee happiness. However, before you get too nervous, the ideas we’ve listed below aren’t this outlandish — but it’s a concept we stand by nonetheless! For now, though, we’ve provided a few of our favorite trending corporate event ideas to help you transform a “mundane office space” into a vibrant hub of enthusiasm and connection. 

1. A Houseplant Workshop

This corporate event will bring a breath of fresh air to the office — literally! Imagine transforming your conference room into a mini oasis, filled with lush foliage, vibrant colors, and the soothing scent of nature. It will have your employees buzzing with excitement as they learn the art of plant care whilst also bonding with colleagues over their new-found green thumbs. Whether you choose to host this event at the office or at another location, working with plants is known to reduce stress levels and will certainly boost employee morale. 

2. A Trivia Quiz

Creating friendly competition within the workplace is a tried and true method for igniting company culture. A trivia quiz will not only boost employee engagement but will also encourage employees to use their problem-solving skills, their critical thinking, and work as a team. Sweeten the deal with an incentive for the winning team/individual and watch how this corporate event brings a delightful blend of fun and learning into the office and/or virtual workplace. 

3. A Costume Competition

While we aren’t necessarily pressing on the idea of swapping office suits for capes, we do encourage a corporate costume competition! Allowing your team to showcase their imagination, originality, and sense of humor creates a light-hearted atmosphere in the workplace. Not only will this corporate event encourage self-expression but it will also cultivate a sense of unity and inclusivity. It breaks down barriers, as CEO and interns alike will transform into characters they admire! 

Corporate event ideas: office people having a karaoke party at the office, singing, dancing and having fun while taking a break from a busy work day

4. A Karaoke Club 

This event will showcase the hidden singing abilities within your organization (if you dare to listen) and provide an opportunity to break free from the usual work routine. From duets that harmonize perfectly to slightly off-key solo performances, a karaoke club will inject a contagious dose of energy, laughter, and camaraderie into the office environment. As employees take turns grabbing the mic, inhibitions will melt away, fostering a sense of confidence and self-expression.

5. An Awards Ceremony 

An awards ceremony creates the perfect opportunity to recognize and honor the outstanding contributions and milestones of your employees, no matter where they are located. And, by highlighting achievements, you not only foster a culture of appreciation and motivation but also inspire others to reach for greatness! This method is one that we at Ace of Hearts make use of every year, and find that it allows our remote team to feel intimately connected. So, whether it’s presenting “Rookie of the Year” or “Innovator Extraordinaire,” this event can create a sense of pride, reinforcing the value of individual and collective efforts.

6. Celebrate International Days 

This is technically not a corporate event idea, but it is important to consider when your team is made up of diverse individuals. Celebrating international holidays creates an opportunity to honor different backgrounds, customs, and achievements, and can promote a more inclusive and harmonious work environment. These celebrations can foster cross-cultural understanding as well as encourage team members to embrace diversity in the workplace. Your team will thrive in working together when they have a better understanding of their colleagues! 

Plan Your Corporate Event Today!

By gathering employees together in a more relaxed and social setting, corporate events create opportunities for genuine connections to form. Additionally, corporate events provide platforms for recognition, appreciation, and employee empowerment, contributing to increased job satisfaction and motivation. So, we encourage you to embrace the power of corporate events, and harness their ability to create a workplace where employees thrive, feel valued, and contribute to the collective success of the company! 

Corporate event ideas: colleagues laughing and smiling as they toast champagne
Celebrating. Top view of young business people toasting each other and smiling while standing in the board room

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