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Fun Office Holidays to Celebrate This Year

Finding more fun office holidays is a great start to diversifying how you celebrate in the workplace. Office events not only create a space for colleagues to socialize but also present opportunities to unite your team, show appreciation, and encourage more positivity in the workplace. And, nothing creates more positivity and excitement than the perfect gift! 

Read below as we list a few fun office holidays you may not have thought of. As well as our suggested corporate international gift baskets — ready to elevate your workplace celebrations.

fun office holidays

10 Fun Office Holidays to Add to Your Calendar 

Explore our list of work-related observances and find fun office holidays that are worth celebrating with your team! 

Thank Your Mentor Day (first Friday of Jan)

The month of January is “Mentoring Month”, where many organizations commit to mentoring younger professionals as well as encouraging their seasoned team members to enter the mentoring space. The first Friday of January is “Thank Your Mentor Day”, which is an opportunity for individuals to thank their mentors for guiding them through their respective career journeys. 

Our gift suggestions for Thank Your Mentor Day: Thank You Gift Hampers 

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Lunar New Year (January-February)

Also known as “Chinese New Year”, Lunar New Year is a 15-day festival celebrated within Asian cultures. Observing this holiday in the workplace will not only create inclusivity but also provide an opportunity for co-workers to learn more about Oriental cultures from those who celebrate this special event. 

Our gift suggestions for Lunar New Year: Lunar New Year Gift Hampers 

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Employee Appreciation Day (first Friday of Mar)

There’s no disputing that employees matter year-round. But, Employee Appreciation Day allows you to show your appreciation in a truly memorable way. Company lunch, time off, and company swag aren’t bad rewards. But, when you really want to impress your team, we suggest offering them personalized gifts! 

Our gift suggestions for Employee Appreciation Day: Corporate Gift Hampers 

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International Women’s Day (8 Mar)

Women have come a long way in the professional world. So, recognizing these milestones, especially the achievements of your female team members is integral to the success of any organization. Make this an annual celebration in the office by recognizing Women’s Month and surprising your team members with high-quality gifts. 

Our gift suggestions for International Women’s Day: Gift Hampers for Women

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Admin Professionals Day (24 Apr)

Our workplaces owe much of their functionality to the dedicated administrative professionals who ensure smooth operations! So, Admin Professionals Day is the perfect opportunity to thank your admin team. 

Our gift suggestions for Admin Professionals Day: Admin Professionals Day Hampers

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Mental Health Awareness Month (May)

May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, a crucial period for destigmatizing and prioritizing mental well-being in the workplace. Observing this month offers a prime opportunity for companies to foster a culture of support, understanding, and empathy toward mental health issues among employees. In a time where stress, anxiety, and burnout are prevalent, acknowledging Mental Health Awareness Month is not only essential but also a proactive step toward creating healthier work environments! 

Mental health can be a rather sensitive topic. So, it’s quite common for there to be uncertainty around creating awareness in the workplace. Here are a few of our ideas: 

  • Host workshops or seminars on stress management, mindfulness, and mental health awareness.
  • Organize mental health screening days or provide access to mental health resources and support services.
  • Encourage open discussions about mental health in team meetings or through company-wide communications.
  • Offer flexible work arrangements or mental health days to allow employees to recharge and prioritize self-care. 
  • Provide training sessions for managers and team leaders on recognizing signs of mental health struggles and offering appropriate support.
  • Offer your team care packages

International Human Resources Day (20 May)

Let’s not downplay it — HR is the backbone of any organization. Everything this professional does, from bringing in new talent and making sure employees are happy, to boosting their skills and handling heaps of data, is what keeps your business running smoothly. International HR Day is your chance to show your HR team that you value their work and dedication. 

Our gift suggestions for International HR Day: 

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International Friendship Day (30 Jul)

Many friendships begin in a work environment. So. celebrating International Friendship Day in the workplace can encourage co-workers to celebrate those individuals who make the office a better place. 

Our gift suggestions for International Friendship Day: Hampers for Friends 

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Techies Day (3 Oct) 

Originally established in 1998 by, Techies Day serves as a fantastic occasion to honor the individuals behind technological advancements as well as your own tech team. From troubleshooting computer bugs to walking your team members through the latest updates, your tech team deserves recognition for their hard work! 

Our gift suggestions for Techies Day: 

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National Boss Day (16 Oct)

Bosses Day, observed annually on October 16th, offers a special opportunity to express appreciation for the leadership and guidance provided by our bosses. In the office, celebrating Bosses Day can foster positive relationships and morale among teams. Simple gestures like writing thank-you notes, organizing a team lunch or breakfast, presenting a small gift, or creating a personalized card can go a long way in showing gratitude. 

Our gift suggestions for Bosses Day: Hampers for Bosses 

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Making Fun Office Holidays Part of Your Workplace Culture 

By making fun office holidays a regular part of your company’s calendar, you not only boost morale but also reinforce the sense of belonging and connection among your team members, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant and engaged workplace culture.

Whether it’s through thoughtful gestures, team outings, or themed activities, celebrating these occasions demonstrates a commitment to employee appreciation, inclusivity, and overall workplace happiness. 

Thank you for exploring Fun Office Holidays! But, don’t go just yet:

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