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How to Become an International Gift Reseller

Starting a business is one of life’s biggest challenges. Sustaining your business is even more so. But, we’re sure you’ve discovered that every ‘small’ achievement leads to completing the goals you once thought were impossible. If turning your local business into an international enterprise still feels like a pipe dream, becoming an international gift reseller could be your solution.

Becoming a reseller is your golden ticket to international reach, offering enticing products, and integrating seamless operations into your business. We asked our reseller experts about the benefits of becoming an international gift reseller with Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets. Read below as we dive into what they had to say and how you can get started on your reseller journey with us! 

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Why Become an International Gift Reseller With Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets?

Reselling has become a lucrative opportunity for passive income seekers as well as those who wish to expand their businesses. We’ve already written a reseller guide about using gifts as passive income. So, in this article, we turn our attention to potential international gift resellers who already have an established local business but are ready to plant their roots on international soil! 

Reselling with Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets provides you with a world of benefits and opportunities. We have experts all over the world to find the perfect products for your business and assist you with worldwide delivery to global customers. Below are a few quotes from our international gift reseller applicants as they explain why they signed up for our reseller program: 

I want to have a wide variety of items that I can provide to my customers worldwide” 

We have a successful iOS mobile app and are interested in adding a gift shop to allow users to purchase gifts for loved ones.

I need to grow overseas delivery in Sri Lanka. Many people like to send gifts to their loved ones. But they don’t have an option in Sri Lanka for that.

Our reseller experts have provided these business owners and so many others with the easiest solution; the Ace of Hearts Reseller Program! Let’s dive into how to get started and the international doors reselling will open for your business. 

Our Reseller Program Application Process

Our application process is quick, easy, and best of all, only includes a once-off fee! Once your reseller account is created, you get to enjoy it for FREE. – zero monthly or annual fees. 

Having a reseller account immediately gives you access to 24/7 customer service, as well as the expertise of our international reseller team. 

View our reseller application form here

Expanding Your Catalog and Attracting New Customers

One of the many benefits of becoming a reseller is that you can expand your catalog with new and exciting products! 

Yaroslav, the head of our reseller team says, “Expanding your catalog with new products and new countries of delivery is a great option for those who already have their business operating with a loyal customer base and stable demand, but are limited to certain product types or areas of service.”  

Ace of Hearts ultimately helps you provide your customers with more options and attract new customers from any corner of the world you wish to service. How do we get our hands on so many products, you ask? Our international reach spans over 200 countries! Here, our regional chain of offices collaborates with local businesses to find the perfect products for your business. 

Here’s a simple example of how it works: 

You notice there is a customer demand for flower delivery to Brazil. However, your business doesn’t have the resources to deliver to this country. But, once you are an Ace of Hearts reseller, what’s ours is yours! Our expert product team in Brazil is at your disposal. They will find the products best suited to your needs and fulfill orders within the country of delivery. This means your customers can place their order from anywhere in the world and have fresh flowers delivered to their recipient’s door in Brazil! 

Katrina, the head of our partners team says, “Our local providers go through a very complex selection process so our customers can enjoy the best available level of service in each location. Being part of our program will allow your company to deliver any gift in any part of the globe.” 

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How We Support You With International Orders 

It’s a common misconception that placing international orders is a complicated process. A myth we are always happy to debunk when our customers enquire about it. As previously mentioned, our many years of experience have enabled us to perfect international order fulfillment. And, we now proudly offer the most efficient processing system you’ll ever use for international orders! Here are a few ways we make international order fulfillment easy for resellers: 

Our Bulk Order System 

Ordering and sending your products globally is easy thanks to our bulk order system. All you need to do is fill in our bulk order form and email it to us. We take care of the rest! Available in both Excel and Google Spreadsheet formats, we promise this form is straightforward and easy to fill out! 

But, just in case you need some guidance, our bulk order form guide is here to help you along. 


What we are most proud of about the Ace of Hearts Reseller Program is that it is suitable for individuals and businesses on every scale. Whether you’re a one-man show or human resources are simply limited, we ensure that routine processes are seamless and stress-free. And, automation is certainly one of the tools that make this possible. 

Yaroslav mentions that, “Several resellers don’t have big staff thus the ability to automate the processes is crucial for them.” Keeping track of your orders and delivery is as easy as clicking a button, saving you time and resources. It also allows our team to dedicate as much time as possible to selecting and packaging your products with creativity and care. Making automation a win-win for everyone! 

Our Expertise on International Gifting 

You won’t be going into this new venture with your eyes closed! Our experts will share their expansive knowledge about: 

  • International gift trends
  • Sending gifts to different countries 
  • Exploration of customer demand 
  • Suitable gifts for different holidays and occasions 
  • Gifting customs in different countries (offering culturally acceptable gifts/products)  

Call it handholding, but we ensure that you feel confident in every step of this process. If you’d like to get started on expanding your knowledge right away, read our blog

24hr Customer Service 

We’re sure you see countless companies use the phrase “available 24/7”. But, do they have team members located all over the world? No matter what part of the globe your inquiry is coming from, our team is always available to assist you! 

Becoming an International Gift Reseller Will Open Doors for Your Business 

With our reseller program, you’ll discover a world of benefits and opportunities that can propel your business to new heights. From access to a diverse catalog of products to tapping into global customer bases, the possibilities are endless. Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring that your journey into international markets is smooth and successful. 

Let gifts be the catalyst for your business’s growth and evolution. Join the Ace of Hearts Reseller Program today! 

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