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What Are Good Employee Appreciation Gifts? 

What are good employee appreciation gifts? Well, with years of experience in both corporate and personal gifting, we can tell you that the “checklist” often remains the same. Like any type of gift, appreciation gifts for your employees should feel thoughtful and unique. When you take this approach to employee gift-giving, there are many long-lasting benefits that follow! 

If you’re considering how to show your team your appreciation, Ace of Hearts is here to share our expertise! Keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect gifts for your employees and how to make appreciation an integral part of your company’s culture.

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What are Good Employee Appreciation Gifts? 

When you’re considering a gift for a loved one or a friend, what usually comes to mind? Our customers looking for gift advice often have sentiments like, “I want them to feel special” or “I’m looking for something unique”. Following through with this notion has allowed us to send heartwarming gifts to our customers’ friends and family. And, we have found that this gifting principle should not change when it comes to sending gifts to your team members. 

We believe that what makes a good employee appreciation gift are all the elements that make any other gift special: 

  • Meaningfulness 
  • Relevance
  • High-quality
  • Personalization 
  • Specific
  • Enjoyable
  • Memorable

When you consider the elements above, combined with the individual interests of your team members, you have the recipe for their perfect gift! 

Making Employee Appreciation A Part of Company Culture

In a 2014 online global assessment conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, they surveyed 200,000 employees across 189 countries. The results revealed that “appreciation for one’s work” emerged as the most crucial aspect of employment for individuals worldwide. Among 25 different categories, appreciation stood out as the primary determinant of job satisfaction. The results prove that employee appreciation is essential to creating a positive work experience. But, what does employee appreciation mean? What does it look like? 

We have broken it down into 3 main categories

1. Micro-appreciation 

Micropraises or microappreciation is all about letting your employees know you appreciate them in the moment. It’s as simple as saying “thanks,” giving a friendly high-five, or just flashing a quick smile. This kind of appreciation isn’t just about being nice; it’s a key ingredient for cultivating a positive and supportive workplace vibe. Plus, it sends a clear message that you value and recognize your team’s efforts right now. And when your team feels appreciated on the spot, it can do wonders for their motivation and overall productivity. 

2. Informal Appreciation 

Informal appreciation is the everyday kind of recognition every employee wishes to experience. It’s about showing gratitude for someone’s work in a more personal, one-on-one way. Whether it’s through a quick chat or an employee appreciation gift, this style of appreciation goes a long way. This approach helps strengthen relationships and trust between you and your team members, making it a vital part of fostering a positive work environment.

3. Formal Appreciation

You can consider formal appreciation as shining the spotlight on your star employee(s). It’s when you recognize your team members in front of everyone – whether it’s giving a well-deserved promotion, or simply thanking them in company-wide emails, special events, or meetings. This type of appreciation isn’t just for show; it’s a clear signal that you’re tuned into your employees’ hard work and achievements and that you’re ready to reward them for it. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to give your team member(s) a boost by showing them respect in front of their peers! 

The type of employee appreciation that will best suit your business will depend on the size of team/company, your budget, and the message you wish to send. But, no matter what your goals are, we believe that they can be achieved with employee appreciation gifts. That’s why Ace of Hearts offers a streamlined Employee Rewards and Recognition program to help you thank your hardworking team with high-quality gifts. Allow us to make gift-giving a part of your company culture today! 

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What are Good Employee Appreciation Gifts: Ideas For You to Explore 

Now that we’ve discussed employee appreciation, let’s get to the gifts! If you’re wondering “what are good employee appreciation gifts”, we’ve got simple and budget-friendly ideas for you below: 

Gourmet Gifts 

Gourmet gift hampers are a fantastic way to express appreciation to your employees in a memorable and delightful manner. Whether it’s a basket of artisanal chocolates, a selection of fine cheeses, or a vegan thank-you gift basket, these treats add a touch of luxury to the workplace. They appeal to a wide range of tastes, making them suitable for a diverse workforce and various occasions! 

Personalized Gifts 

Personalized gifts are exceptional choices for expressing employee appreciation. They go beyond the ordinary, transforming generic tokens of gratitude into meaningful gifts! It’s also an opportunity to show your employees that you understand that each of them are individuals, with their own interests and preferences. And, this is an intrinsic part of showing appreciation.

Request custom gifts with Ace of Hearts today! 

Gift Certificates 

Gift certificates have gained popularity as a go-to choice for employee appreciation gifts in recent years. They provide recipients with the freedom to choose their own gift, particularly useful when you’re uncertain about their specific preferences or needs. 

Experience Gifts

Experience gifts hold tremendous value for employee appreciation and company culture. Unlike traditional gifts, experiences create lasting memories and meaningful connections. By offering experiences like team-building activities, wellness retreats, or personalized workshops, you demonstrate a genuine commitment to your employees’ well-being and personal growth. Additionally, experience gifts acknowledge the diverse interests and preferences within your workforce, making employees feel seen and valued as individuals. 

Peer-to-Peer Recognition 

Studies indicate that while recognition from management is valuable, peer-to-peer recognition can have an even more significant impact. Consider empowering your team members by allocating a budget for them to use on thoughtful gifts for their colleagues! This initiative represents a worthwhile investment in your team, fostering a culture of gratitude and appreciation that ultimately strengthens workplace relationships.

Good Employee Appreciation Gifts are Unique, Personal, and Memorable

Just as personal gifts should be thoughtful and tailored to individual preferences, employee appreciation gifts should reflect the unique contributions of each team member. Whether you choose personalized tokens of gratitude or memorable experiences, these gestures transcend mere recognition – they strengthen bonds, inspire loyalty, and create a workplace where employees feel valued and appreciated as individuals.

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Thank you for exploring employee appreciation gifts with us! But, don’t go just yet: 

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