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The Benefits of Corporate Gifts and Bulk Gifting

Modern businesses are quickly learning and reaping the benefits of corporate gifts. From sending a “welcome” gift to your newest hire to thanking a client for their loyalty — corporate gifts help your business build and nourish relationships. Where does bulk gifting fit into all this you may ask? Well, it’s your seamless solution to making everyone in your business feel appreciated. 

Sending corporate gifts in bulk means streamlining your corporate gifting process, saving you time, money, and effort. From the boardroom to the office and beyond, bulk gifting makes scaling your appreciation easier than ever. Read our blog as we discuss the ins and outs of sending corporate gifts in bulk. As well as how Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets can make bulk gifting simple and affordable on an international scale. 

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What is Bulk Gifting? Can It Be Achieved Internationally?

In simple terms, corporate bulk gifting is the process of sending a large number of gifts under one gift campaign. It simplifies a company’s gifting process by combining all recipients into one order, regardless of their location. This method enables you to reward your entire team or efficiently impress a substantial client base. 

If you wish to send bulk gifts internationally, you may think that shipping them yourself is the best option. However, we have listed a few reasons why this method may end up taking more from your gifting budget than you think: 

Shipping Complications – Factors such as heavy workloads, diverse shipment routes, and varying handling procedures may contribute to issues like delays, misplacement of packages, or logistical errors during transit. Making mainstream shipping prone to more challenges than specialized gift delivery services. 

Custom Fees and Other Expenses – When you choose the “traditional” route for sending gifts, you often have to account for the customs fees and other expenses including packaging and delivery. When ordering and sending gifts in bulk, these costs will certainly add up! 

Lack of Personalization – Customizing gifts to suit various cultures and preferences is vital in international bulk gifting. Most mainstream delivery companies do not offer these services so it is important to choose a gifting platform that will help you put thought into every gift you send. 

What are the Benefits of Corporate Gifts and Bulk Gifting With An International Gifting Platform? 

Combining the benefits of corporate gifts and the help of a dedicated international gifting company is the ultimate recipe for success. Below are a few reasons why: 

Cost-Effective- Its cost-effectiveness is primarily due to economies of scale. Buying in larger quantities typically leads to reduced per-unit costs, often leading to discounts or favorable pricing for bulk orders. Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets offers incredible corporate discounts on bulk orders! 

Time Efficient – Naturally, handling one large order is more time-efficient than managing multiple smaller ones. Not to mention, you simplify your decision-making process by sourcing and handling your gifts all from one place. 

Consistency and Branding – Bulk gifting ensures that each recipient receives the same or similar gift, maintaining consistency in quality, appearance, and message. This consistency can also align with the company’s branding strategy, allowing for the incorporation of logos, company colors, or personalized elements uniformly across all gifts. 

Personalization – A reliable international gifting company will help you make everyone on your list feel appreciated, no matter the size of your order. One of the most important steps in the Ace of Hearts bulk ordering process is creating personalized messages for your recipients! We also have gift experts all over the world, ready to tailor your gifts according to cultural and personal preferences. 

Scalability – No matter how big or small your bulk order is, partnering with an international gifting company allows for flexibility. From gifting your top 3 team members of the month to hundreds of clients across the globe, bulk gifting is a versatile option for various needs and occasions. 

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Corporate Gifts and Occasions for Bulk Gifting

Now that you know more about corporate bulk gifting, you may be wondering what occasions and, more importantly, what kinds of gifts to send in bulk. Here are our suggestions for sending gifts in bulk successfully: 

Employee Appreciation 

Bulk gifting for employee appreciation encompasses various occasions vital to workplace morale and recognition: 

Onboarding – These gifts can serve as a  warm gesture and can help welcome new team members, fostering a sense of belonging from day one. 

Employee Rewards and Recognition Recognition awards serve as significant acknowledgements of outstanding contributions, boosting motivation and morale within the workforce. 

Holidays – Holiday gifts bring seasonal cheer, spreading goodwill and appreciation during festive times. 

Employee Anniversaries and Milestones – Commemorating employee anniversaries with tailored tokens of gratitude celebrates dedication and loyalty, reinforcing a culture of appreciation and camaraderie within your company. 

Client Appreciation

Sending bulk gifts for client appreciation should include gestures that are tailored to strengthen relationships and express gratitude: 

Thank You Gifts Offering thank-you gifts after successful deals signifies appreciation for collaborative efforts and solidifies partnerships.

Events/Virtual Event GiftsEvent attendee giveaways serve as memorable tokens, extending appreciation to clients for their participation and support. 

Customer Loyalty Gifts Customer rewards acknowledge and incentives ongoing patronage, fostering long-term relationships. 

Personalized Gifts

While it may not always be possible to offer your recipients exactly what they want, personalization will certainly make your gift memorable. Below are a few common and popular gifts that do well in most cultures: 

  • Fruit baskets
  • Coffee and tea gift hampers
  • Baked goodies 
  • Alcohol gifts

No matter what you send their way when you keep their preferences in mind, your gift is bound to impress them! 

Branded Gifts 

In recent years, SWAG gifts have gained immense popularity and serve as ideal bulk gifts for both your team and clients. Corporate gifts adorned with your company’s logo offer a trendy and personalized touch. Sending brandable corporate gift hampers in bulk for internal gifting can foster a sense of unity within your business, making them an excellent choice for team-building events and boosting employee morale. 

Let Them Choose Their Own Gift

A gift certificate is the most convenient and practical gift to send in bulk, as well as all over the world. Forgot about your employee’s birthday? You can have a gift certificate sent to them within minutes! And, they’ll enjoy the freedom of choosing a gift that aligns with their preferences. Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets offers a wide range of e-gift certificate options suitable for any budget! And, you can make it even more special for your recipient by adding a personalized message. 

Reap the Benefits of Corporate Gifts and Place Your Bulk Order Today! .

Corporate bulk gifting stands as a versatile and impactful practice that transcends boundaries.  It enables businesses to express appreciation, strengthen relationships, and foster connections both internally and externally. From recognizing employee milestones to acknowledging client partnerships, the strategic use of bulk gifting allows for tailored gestures that resonate across various occasions and cultural nuances. Whether through personalized tokens or universally appreciated items, this approach streamlines logistics and maximizes cost-effectiveness

With a specialized focus on bulk gifting, Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets excels in streamlining international corporate gift-giving, elevating your strategy to deliver seamless and impactful gestures worldwide. Place a bulk order with us today! Or, if you have more questions, send us a corporate inquiry and one of our corporate gifting experts will assist you with anything you may need. 

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Thank you for exploring the benefits of corporate gifts, but don’t go just yet!

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