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Bunny on a Budget. How to Celebrate Easter on a Budget

In 2023, an estimated 81% of U.S. consumers celebrating Easter will spend a total of $24 billion. So, if you’re considering celebrating Easter on a budget this year, you’re already doing better than most of us! Year-round holidays have us spending a little more than we know we should and, according to the National Retail Federation, Easter 2023 isn’t going to be an exception. But, that doesn’t have to be the case for you or your loved ones. 

As experts in affordability, we believe in the beauty of a budget. Whether you’re wanting to cut down on gift spending, or looking for budget-friendly ways to host the perfect Easter get-together, you’re celebration can be magical even when you’re counting coins. So, read below as we share Easter saving hacks you’re sure to keep in mind for years to come.

easter on a budget:  eggs, bunny, and glass jar on lunch table.

Why Are We Spending More During the Easter Holiday?

You’re probably thinking, “where could $24 billion possibly be going?”, well, to decorations, flowers, food, and, of course, gifts! But, we think that the most interesting prediction is that it might be men who spend the most money this year. Yes! According to NFR statistics, 50% of men will buy Easter bouquets, compared to only 37% of women. The biggest difference, however, is predicted to be for gifts, where men plan to spend $12 more than women! 

Furthermore, it’s not just the Easter bunny who’s paying a visit, but also consumers who are traveling down to family and friends for the occasion. Easter is often a social activity for young consumers, and it is predicted that 53% of them will be traveling and spending a pretty penny on gifts and more.

With all that being said, now you’re probably wondering how to separate yourself from all the consumer chaos. And, that’s where our budget tips (in addition to your willpower) come into play! 

Your Easter Feast on a Budget: Food, Egg Hunting, and Everything in Between

Much like any other holiday, multiple elements bring an Easter celebration together. And, whether you’re gathering with your closest friends or your in-laws, you want the occasion to be a memorable and beautiful one. The good news is that you can certainly make it happen. The even better news is that we’re here to show you how! 

Make Your Own Easter Decorations

As tempting as it may be to join the 41% of consumers buying ready-made decorations this year, 41% of them are also sure to never use these ornaments again! Easter decor is relatively expensive around this time of year too, so why not get creative (while saving money, of course) and make your own? Here are a few ideas we suggest to get started or simply just to inspire you: 

  • If you have a garden, create a flower arrangement of blossoms from your backyard! 
  • Eggshell candles will certainly make for a unique element for your Easter table.
  • Have fun with hand-cut Easter bunnies and trimmings 
  • Make a homemade Easter bunny sign for the egg hunt. 
  • Painted eggs are always a delight for this time of year!  

A Potluck for the Win

A good host always wants to give their guests the most memorable experience. And, this may come with some self-inflicted pressure to provide everything from food to entertainment. However, overspending doesn’t guarantee you a successful get-together. In fact, nothing actually does, so it’s safe to say that you might as well save where you can!

Asking your guests to bring different food dishes or anything else you may need will save you time and money. A cool way you could do this is by setting a theme for your Easter celebration and seeing what your guests come up with! Or, simply dividing responsibilities amongst your guests for drinks, appetizers, mains, and dessert.

Use Easter Egg Hunting Hacks

As one of the most popular traditions of the Easter holiday, your celebration just wouldn’t be complete without an Easter egg hunt! But, if you’re doing Easter on a budget, spending a large sum of money on Cadbury Creme eggs for the kids is not ideal. Instead, try these budget-friendly tips: 

  • Before the hunt begins, invite the kids to make their own Easter baskets. Make use of old gift baskets you have around the house, paper bags, or even egg trays. 
  • Get creative with hard-boiled eggs and make it a fun painting activity for the kids! 
  • Ask guests who are parents to bring along baskets for their children 
  • Use fillable plastic eggs and fill them with sweets or prizes for the kids to find (you can also use these plastic eggs for years to come!) 

Choose Your Easter Traditions 

This one may get a little resistance from Mom (or other senior members of your family). But, if bunny-shaped drinking glasses don’t suit the budget this year – you can shamelessly scratch it off the list. Celebrating Easter on a budget gives you and your loved ones the opportunity to make your own free Easter traditions. Watching movies, baking together, or even having an at-home Easter photoshoot doesn’t have to cost a cent!

mom and daughter in the kitchen covering their eyes with easter eggs

5 Easter Gifts For Any Budget: 

Easter is a perfect time for gift-giving! And, even on a budget, there are plenty of options for sweet and thoughtful Easter gifts. Find a few of our egg-citing (we had to) suggestions below:


Affordable and oh-so-beautiful, flowers remain a classic gift choice for Easter. Among the most popular and symbolic are lilies, tulips, irises, and daisies. Whether you want to create a bouquet from your own garden or send them a ready-made floral arrangement, you’ll put a smile on their face while avoiding overspending. 

Scented Candles 

Bring the scent of spring into their home for Easter with freshly scented candles. As an affordable gift that they’ll use long after the Easter holiday, scented candles always make for thoughtful yet practical gifts.


There are very few things that top a scrumptious batch of homemade cookies. Have fun with them and make them in the shape of bunnies or Easter eggs! Or, if you wish to send them a carefully curated cookie hamper filled with all their favorites, Ace of Hearts has the most affordable range waiting to be sent to your loved one for Easter! 


An obvious one, but also a gift that never goes out of style. This is a budget-friendly and ideal gift for the person in your life who mainly loves Easter for the chocolatey treats!  

Your Time

Some would say that time is our most valuable possession, simultaneously, it doesn’t cost a thing to share it with those you care for. Spending time with family and friends can also be considered a wonderful gift! 

family kiss daughter on the cheek holding easter eggs

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