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Christmas Savings: How to Save on Christmas Gifts and Holiday Shopping 

Some pessimists call it a money making scheme, advertisers call it a ‘marketing strategy’, and the best of us refer to it as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. But, let’s be honest, whichever way you view the holidays, you’re still somehow bound to become another statistic in its bright red tinsel topped mistletoe madness of mass consumerism. Or…are you? Is there a smarter way to go about spoiling your loved ones during the holidays? Oh, we hope so! On to the Christmas savings!

With holiday savings and Christmas deals on the rise, you’d have to have super human strength to resist indulging in holiday shopping. The truth is though, you don’t have to resist! And instead of super human strength, all you really need is a plan, and to stick to it. Whether you’re doing Christmas on a budget, or simply want to cut down your holiday spending this year, we have some tips you may find useful. Read below and let us help you rock around the Christmas tree – debt free! 

Christmas Savings: Santa ordering gifts on laptop with credit card.

Why You’re Going To Overspend (And Why It’s Okay)

Before we jump into how you can save on Christmas gifts this holiday season, it’s important to understand why so many people overspend during this time. And, why you’ll probably do so every year. 

The most important thing to note is that; it’s all psychological. From the marketing tactics retailers use, to the guilt you feel for even considering not sending your second cousin’s niece’s daughter a Christmas gift. Advertisers have gotten so good at singing consumer Christmas carols, that even the most budget-conscious individuals may find themselves throwing their holiday plan out the window. In 2021, 86% of millennials overspent on holiday gifts, and this year it is predicted that 88% will spend $100 or more per gift per person! 

But, if it isn’t marketing tactics or holiday guilt driving you to overspend, you may simply be of the opinion that holiday traditions are worth spending a few extra bucks on. And, that’s okay! What probably isn’t okay, though, is racking up debt during a time that should be stress-free and, what do they call it…jolly! If you’re serious about saving on Christmas gifts this year, there are a few effective ways to make sure you do so. 

Christmas Savings: 7 Ways to Save on Christmas Gifts and Holiday Shopping 

Leave getting into the red to Santa and follow these helpful tips for saving on Christmas gifts and more: 

1. Create Your Own Gift-Giving Philosophy 

Ha! You thought we were going to say ‘create a budget’ right? C’mon, we know that’s easier said than done. And, even if you manage to create one, the right kind of ‘holiday saving’ could have you forgetting all about it. 

Instead, consider what gift-giving means to you. Do you feel like the only impressive gifts are the expensive ones? Does gift-giving feel like an obligation around this time of year? Figure out how you feel and why you’re buying gifts – only then should you consider how you’re going to pay for it all. 

2. Hit The Shops With A Plan (Sort of Budget)

Thinking about heading to the mall ‘just to browse’ during the festive season? You won’t stand a chance against the oversized Christmas tree and ‘jingle bells’ tune playing everywhere you go. Retailers spend money so that you can spend even more money – so draw up a plan before you enter the shops.

Create a list of who you’re sending gifts to, how much you can spend, and, if you want to be transparent with yourself, consider how far you can push over your original budget. In other words; consider how much you should spend vs how much you can spend. This will make it slightly less painful if you do choose to go over your budget. 

3. Agree on a Gift Limit With Family

Tis’ the season to be honest. You’re not the only one who’s worried about giving an ‘affordable’ gift and receiving an expensive one in return. To eliminate anxiety about gift price ranges, agree with family and friends to stick to a gift limit. This is great not only for everyone’s budget, but for your relationships too! 

4. Order Online Gifts Early for Christmas Savings

Gift-shopping from the comfort of your own couch while sipping on some hot cocoa is the kind of holiday multi-tasking we’re here for. But, you should do it early. Not only to ensure that gifts are delivered in time but to catch all the cheapest online shipping options. Order Christmas gifts with Ace of Hearts right now and you’ll get free shipping! 

Christmas Savings: Busy mall filled with shoppers and Christmas holiday decorations

5. Split the Cost Of Holiday Meals

Gifts aside, food is another item we tend to overspend on during the holidays. And, sadly, alot of it actually ends up going to waste. If you’re hosting Christmas eve dinner or Christmas lunch this year, don’t be shy to let your guests know what they can bring. Besides, if they have any mercy, they’ll offer! 

6. Make Room for New (and Less Expensive) Traditions

We get it. Tradition is the primary reason for all the efforts made during the festive season. But, are all of them of significance to you? If it costs you extra money to send Christmas cards to everyone you’ve ever known, maybe take that off the to-do list this year. Sure, your mom may be a little sad you’re letting go of her age-old holiday custom, but, we promise, saving money will ease the pain. 

7. Budget, Spend and Give With Intention

Not only is it more effective to choose sentimental gifts, it makes it easier to allocate a spending amount per gift. Don’t be the one to give Uncle Robert an ipod when he doesn’t even like listening to the radio. Make sure your gifts line up with your recipients’ interests and you’ll have an easier time sticking to your budget! 

Merry Christmas, and Happy Christmas Savings!

We hope our gift-saving tips help make your holiday season a festive one! We’re going to be cliché here and say that Christmas really is about spending time with those near and dear. Don’t sweat the small stuff! But, if you can’t help it, set a budget with us and choose from a range of affordable gifts that will certainly make your family and friends happy this year. 

Family opening Christmas gifts at home.

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