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Really Good Remote Team Gift Ideas

Are you looking for remote team gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place! In this era of shifting workplace dynamics, the hybrid work model has firmly cemented its place. And, businesses are actively seeking methods to elevate engagement among remote employees. Beyond the suite of digital tools, investing in surprise gifts has emerged as a potent strategy to enhance the morale of your at-home workforce. 

However, with so many remote team gift ideas and options available on the market, it can be challenging to select the best items for your team. That’s why Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets has done the work for you! Read below as we share remote team gift ideas as well as gifts to avoid this year. 

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What Kind of Gifts Do Employees Really Want? 

Regardless of your workplace dynamic, whether hybrid, fully remote, or in-office, showing your gratitude through gifts is a surefire way to retain your valued employees. Research reveals that for the average employee, company swag is a gift that is least favored. But, interestingly, the same survey shows that company swag was the number one gift provided by 55% of the surveyed HR departments. This tells us that employees are still receiving their least favorite gift, most of the time. 

So, while sending gifts to your team is a great way to show your appreciation, you still need to consider what kind of gifts will result in long-term employee satisfaction. And, with decades of experience in corporate gifting and employee rewards, you can trust us when we say that intentional and personalized gifting is the way to go! 

Remote Team Gift Ideas: Virtual, Physical, and What to Avoid 

When choosing gifts for your remote team, considering their preferences and needs plays a crucial role in demonstrating genuine appreciation. We’ve compiled a collection of thoughtful gift ideas tailored for remote work environments and team members: 

Remote Team Gift Ideas: Virtual Gift Options

Gift Certificates – Whether it’s for online retailers, streaming services, or various subscription platforms, gift certificates grant the liberty to choose, empowering team members to acquire products or services tailored to their individual preferences. This gesture demonstrates thoughtful consideration for their diverse interests while ensuring they receive something meaningful and enjoyable.

Subscription – A fantastic way to treat your remote team members is by gifting them subscriptions to popular online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV, and many more. Since your employees are likely spending a significant portion of their time at home while working remotely, a streaming subscription can offer them entertainment options during their downtime. 

Online Course/Training Program – Employees are more likely to be more satisfied and stay at their company longer when they feel like they are growing professionally. And, this is especially true in the post-pandemic workplace! Offering online courses and training programs as gifts can be a game-changer. It’s a direct investment in their development, enhancing their skill set and knowledge base.

NFTs and Digital Gifts – NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represent exclusive ownership of unique digital assets, spanning a wide array of items, from artwork to music and even memorable sports moments. These digital collectibles serve as excellent virtual gifts, particularly for the enthusiasts and younger members of your team! Moreover, they function as assets within the cryptocurrency realm, facilitating exchange for other popular currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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Remote Team Gift Ideas: Physical Gift Options

Care PackagesCare packages are certainly growing in popularity within the corporate gifting world. Filled with snacks and comforting items, they make for exceptional virtual gifts for remote team members. Ace of Hearts care packages offer a blend of delightful treats and soothing essentials, catering to diverse tastes and preferences! 

WineWine and wine essentials serve as wonderful gifts for your remote team members. A quality bottle of wine paired with wine accessories like elegant glasses, a corkscrew, or even a wine aerator can elevate the at-home wine experience. This thoughtful gift encourages relaxation and enjoyment after a long day’s work.

Work From Home GiftsActivity-related items like yoga mats, fitness equipment, or games all promote a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, snacks and gourmet treats in gift baskets or subscriptions to meal delivery services are a hit! 

Electronic GiftsThese gifts can range from noise-canceling headphones, wireless chargers, and portable speakers, to digital assistants, or even high-quality webcams for improved video conferencing experiences! 

Health and Fitness GiftsHealth and fitness gifts are becoming increasingly popular, especially as the conversation around wellness takes center stage. They’re perfect for encouraging a healthy lifestyle and promoting mindfulness in a work-from-home setting. And, these thoughtful gifts show that you value the team’s overall well-being. 

Gifts to Avoid

No matter the time of year, there are three main goals you should want to achieve when sending your employees gifts: 

  1. To make them feel happy and appreciated. 
  2. To grow your relationship with them as their employer/team leader.
  3. To make them feel unique and valued with personalized gift items. 

There are gifts that help you achieve this (our remote team gift ideas above) and there are some that don’t. Here is a list of gifts you want to avoid sending to your remote team members and why: 

Politically or Religiously Themed Items –  Gifts that express political or religious sentiments can make some team members uncomfortable and might not align with their beliefs. It’s best to avoid anything that could potentially create divisions among employees.

Overly Personal Items – Yes, it’s important to personalize your gift, but not to get personal! Items like clothing, perfumes, or jewelry are highly personal and may not match individual preferences or sizes. 

Health-Related Gifts without Knowing Sensitivities – We know that health and fitness gifts is one of our listed remote team gift ideas, and we stand by it! But, it’s important to consider that sending these kinds of gifts to the wrong person can be intrusive. Make sure that whichever gift category you choose, it’s one that your team member will appreciate. 

Expensive Gifts – This one may be surprising, but extravagant gifts are not ideal for the workplace. If you can’t offer every team member an expensive gift, you should avoid a scenario that could be seen as unfair treatment. 

Thank Your Team for Another Great Year With Ace of Hearts 

In wrapping up, nurturing camaraderie and boosting team morale among remote employees is a rewarding investment for any organization. The right gifts convey appreciation, foster connection, and amplify a sense of belonging, which is vital within virtual workspaces. 

When seeking thoughtful and quality gifts for your valued remote team members, explore the diverse selection at Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets. We can help you send gifts to your team all over the world! Contact us today.

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Thank you for exploring our remote team gift ideas: 

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