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How to Sustain Business Relationships in the New Year

How do we sustain business relationships? With fast-paced technological advancement and endless online resources available to us, there can no longer be a straightforward answer. Making sales phone calls and conducting in-person meetings is outdated. Because today, people can make connections without ever having to meet face-to-face. This is both beneficial and challenging for business owners when it comes to forming and sustaining business relationships in a rather saturated market. 

But, all hope is not lost. Treating your business relationships similarly to how you would treat a friendship is a solid step toward building lasting partnerships. In a ‘copy and paste’ business world, your customers, partners, and even your suppliers are looking for a brand that shows integrity, trustworthiness, and altruism. And, with years of experience on our resume, we know that sending business gifts is one of the best ways to do so. Let us offer you our expertise as we discuss how you can stand out amongst the corporate crowd and sustain your crucial business relationships in the new year. 

How to Sustain Business Relationships: businessmen sharing a handshake

Why is it Important to Sustain Business Relationships?

It’s important to note that the keyword in this discussion is ‘relationship.’ And that, in business, your relationships require building and maintaining before anything else. Although selling your product and making a profit is considered a success, accomplishing multiple one-time sales does not make for a stable business foundation. Therefore, creating and sustaining relationships should play a primary role in building your business overall. 

The main challenge is consistently reminding your stakeholders why your business will always be the best choice. As the years go by, their business needs and interests change, just as yours do. Showing them that you understand and can keep up with these changes is key. This connection and reminder that you’re always in their corner is where corporate gifting comes in. 

3 Business Gifting Strategies That Will Help You Connect and Stay Connected 

Sending gifts creates a touch point that no other form of communication can. It can be a unique way to show your gratitude, or simply provide them with an unforgettable ‘wow’ moment. Below are three sure-fire corporate gifting strategies that will keep your business at the forefront of their minds for years to come:

1. Make Gifting A Part of Your Yearly Budget 

Every business owner knows that executing an action consistently requires planning ahead. And while we encourage spontaneous gift-giving in business, even ‘just because’ gifts need to be accounted for in your yearly budget. Gifting should be woven into the fabric of your annual business plan, and not just because it’s a valuable business strategy. 

Your recipients can tell the difference between a thoughtful gift and one sent at the last minute. But, when you make gift-giving a crucial part of your business, your lucky recipients will see that generosity and thoughtfulness are part of your company culture. Therefore, planning gift campaigns with the goal of building loyalty is one of the best ways to achieve retention amongst your clients and other important stakeholders. 

2. Show Them Your Business Values Through Gifts 

What values do you look for in a good friend? Most people look for traits like honesty, transparency, generosity, and empathy. Gift-giving allows you to show your business partners that your company possesses these qualities. 

For example, if recycling is an important initiative within your organization, demonstrate it by sending your recipient an eco-friendly gift. And remember to add a personalized note that tells them why the cause is important to your business. When you let your business gifts communicate your company values, your stakeholders will only gain more respect for you. This will ultimately evoke positive feelings associated with your business and motivate them to partner with you long-term. 

3. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize 

Consumers are looking for a business that not only provides quality products and services but a brand that breaks through the noise. When your VIPs and clients feel understood by you, they see your company as trustworthy and worthy of long-term investment. And there is no better way to make someone feel understood than by offering a gift that’s made just for them. When choosing business gifts, considering your recipient’s personal taste will certainly make the gift more meaningful to them. 

Send your business partner their favorite bottle of wine, or thank your clients for their loyalty with a sweet gift hamper and a personalized note with their name on it. Show them that you pay attention with a custom gift hamper, and they’ll value your gift and, ultimately, your business that much more. 

how to sustain business relationships man in blue shirt holding red gift box

How to Sustain Business Relationships During ‘Difficult’ Times 

With years of experience operating a business, we know this journey is not always smooth sailing. An unexpected crisis comes into play, or you’re just not turning over as much profit as you did the previous year. We get it. But, even during tough times, sending gifts is still possible. This is especially true when you have the right gifting platform on your side! 

Ace of Hearts has gift options for every kind of budget. We help businesses like yours take their corporate gifting campaigns to the next level and save money simultaneously. As long as you’re willing to prioritize finances for sending gifts, a tight budget will never get in the way of you sustaining your business relationships. Read this blog to learn more about sending business gifts on a budget and our corporate gifting campaign services. 

What if the Business Relationship is International?  

It can be even more challenging to sustain business relationships with partners and clients that live in different countries. But we have a solution for this too. You can send gifts to your international partners, clients, and employees year-round by simply filling in our bulk order form. Yes, it just takes one quick form to send your corporate gifts across the globe! The best part? Our corporate bulk orders come with their own discounts!

business people shaking hands and smiling.

This Is Your Year for Fruitful Business Relationships 

Relationships are what make the world go round. In business, the connections you make can have a positive influence on your company’s growth. Nurturing your business relationships means nurturing the growth of your business. And when it’s as simple as making sure your customers feel appreciated, why not make corporate gifting a priority? This year we encourage you to use gifting as your number one retention strategy. And watch how your business relationships flourish!  

Thank you for reading our blog about How to Sustain Business Relationships, but, don’t go just yet! 

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